Moving and leaving a life behind is emotionally complex. As is the anticipation of start-up at a new one. You are leaving behind not just a home but friends, familiar sights and sounds, most of all a piece of your story.  On top of that, there is often a very small window of time between the call that tells you you've landed the position, and your move. Our job is to put a light in that little window so you can focus on other things, like saying your goodbyes while you gear up for new hellos, as well as helping your family do the same. Finding a good realtor, and learning about the local market in the place to which you are headed, is a stress you don't need when you're juggling all the big stuff. 

There are people who work for institutions that hire an expensive relocation service to do all of the arranging for a move, the locating of a house, the packing and moving etc. I've yet to hear of a congregation doing that! While A Light in the Window can't arrange for all of that, we do something they don't. We are a sounding board and a resource, from the moment you start asking yourself questions like: I wonder if I can afford to move to X; or, I wonder if it's a good time to buy now?

Throughout the year we are researching the real estate markets in the cities and towns where people tell us they are in search, and always staying up on market trends. So it's never too soon to be in touch! As we do our research we compile a (racially and otherwise) diverse list of qualified, dedicated agents in each search area, using Keller Williams referral system first, though we will branch out if we need to. When it comes time for you to act quickly, we'll be ready for you!

During the process I (Maj-Britt) am available to you from the time you sign up for our services (at no cost to you, I collect a referral fee later) should you want to talk about the economic viability of moving to a prospective area, or to ask any other real estate, or transition related questions. Buying a home is a great investment, but it's also complex, particularly if you are a first time home buyer, or if it's the first time you are selling a home. I've learned that many people aren't actually clear on what a realtor can and can't do for them. We're here to explain all of the basics.I won’t always have the answers, but someone on our team will. And when you sign up I will hook you up with a fun, user friendly, brilliant app that will allow you to get market statistics for any location in the country. 

If you are a clergy person you might be thinking, I'll just use an agent from the congregation. That's easier, and it's the friendly thing to do. Until it’s not. Hiring someone from your congregation can get complicated, and can confuse, if not even violate, boundaries. Finding a neutral agent is actually a win-win for both you and your leadership group.


Whether you use the services of A Light in the Window or not, I wish you safe harbor in your search for a new home.





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