Eight Reasons to make A light in the Window your first contact when you prepare to make a move

1. There are thousands of agents in any urban area. Even in small towns you may wonder whom to connect with. And you have to cold call until you find the one that feels right? Or just take your chances? Or pick a friendly looking face off the internet? Kind of a crap shoot there.


2. I have a vast referral network - world wide, with production stats. But stats aren’t enough. I speak one on one with a Team Leader or Broker in Charge. We discuss the safe practices the office is using, the commitment of A Light in the Window to develop a racially diverse referral pool, and finally, who might be a good fit for you. 


3. I call that agent. I only choose REALTORS. Meaning, agents who belong to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which holds agents to a higher standard of ethics. For example: No agent may discriminate against protected classes

  • Race.

  • Color.

  • Religion.

  • National Origin.

  • Sex.

  • Handicap.

  • Familial Status.


 but LGBTQ persons are not included on that list. Unless you’re a REALTOR, then they are.

-Other attributes I look for: Someone who will listen to you well, has integrity, is kind, and also bold. They must be willing to work hard for you no matter your price range, and have a good track record. They have to know their stuff. I tell them a little about you, and you about them, so when you connect on the phone you are no longer strangers, which smooths the process.

4.  I make sure you are provided with all the details about how the broker/client relationship works in your destination state.


-For example, in NC every agent technically represents the SELLER unless you have an “exclusive buyer agency” agreement with that agent. It’s not the same in every state; but every state has its own verbiage and practices.


-I ask the agent about all the details particular to transactions in that state, and then I prep you, very simply, about those items. So you’re pre- informed. Your agent will elaborate.


5. If you wish I can equip you with the name of at least one, two if you’d like to compare, mortgage brokers who will pre-approve you for a mortgage. Your agent will want you to have this before they show you homes. It helps narrow down your search. When you find the perfect house you’re going to need that document before you can put in an offer. By doing this for you ahead of time I’ve saved your agent time, and thus enabled them to hit the ground running when you arrive in town (or connect with them on ZOOM or FaceTime for a virtual tour of homes)


-One of the mortgage companies you might ask your agent about is Keller Williams Zero Mortgage. My clients have used it with great success. KW Mortgage gives buyers $$ toward 3rd party expenses, and charges no fees, thus saving you thousands in closing costs. How can they afford to do this? Simple. By not advertising. Yes, in a way I am part of their advertising wing, as an agent affiliated with KW. This is yet another reason I first refer to Keller Williams agents. The Zero Plus mortgage is only available to those working with KW agents.


6.  I give you a list of suggested questions before you even connect with your agent. It’s not always easy to know what to ask. This way, if you go blank, you’ve got a script.


7. I check in with you periodically to make sure you are satisfied. You may call me at any time.


8. After you close on your new home I give a portion of my referral fee to the non-profit of your choice.



Here are some of the non-profits our clients have chosen: 

Be More Like Claire                                                       the U.U.A.

Earth Justice                                                                Family Star Montessori, CO

Black Visions Collective, Minneapolis MN.                 Moms Demand Action

Unitarian Universalists of Transylvania County

N.A.A.C.P. Empowerment Program