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 Reflecting back on this difficult-for-all-of-us year, I have tried to practice gratitude, which by now we all have read umpteen times, is a great antidote for depression. So is serving others. It can be harder to do this in isolation, but not impossible, thank God for technology! And I thank God for this business.

     When it comes to A Light in the Window, which is my post-ministerial, entrepreneurial attempt to be of service, I am grateful to my ministerial clients/former colleagues, who entrusted me with a piece of their search (and find) process. With each client I learned how better to serve, and how to simplify my processes. Now I am enjoying following many of these clients on Facebook to see how they're settling in to their new homes and new congregations.

Needless to say, because of the pandemic, what I read is vastly different than I would have a year ago. Yet, each one has successfully managed to sell a home with the help of an agent, move, often across country, and then settle into a new home, with the help of an agent, all while managing the details of their children's lives (in some cases), and keeping them safe in the transition. We humans are nothing if not resilient.

And now we are swiftly heading toward the next transitional cycle. Some ministers out there in the wild world are taking stock, perhaps spiffing up their ministerial record sheets, and checking out the list of congregations already slated to call a new minister for next August. Whew! We at A Light in the Window welcome your call or text or email, at any point in the process. We hope to be a listening ear, to take off some of the burden, answer questions about real estate and the market in your prospective locations, and ultimately find you an agent you can trust and connect with.

Deep breath to all of you!


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