The Mission

A Light in the Window was founded after Maj-Britt participated in numerous group coaching sessions at Keller Williams Crystal Coast, and read the book “The One Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. With that came the awareness of three of her limiting (unconscious) beliefs: business is a bad word, big is bad, and money is bad. Letting go of all that badness freed her to dream BIG. A few beach walks, and a couple meditation sessions later and she knew A Light in the Window was her “one thing.” She is grateful to have found a way to yoke her ministerial identity with her skills as a real estate consultant.



of A Light in the Window is:

To connect the greatest number of persons possible, at no cost to them, with a compatible, highly competent realtor when they enter the search for a new home. Our REALTOR referrals come from a racially, and otherwise, diverse pool of agents.


Putting no limitation on the number of individuals and families served, and thus the size of the business, A Light in the Window will grow. Leveraging growth through engaging with creative people and innovative technological systems, we will bring on new staff at an excellent rate of pay, with good benefits, and will encourage a work environment of fun, personal growth and compassionate service to others.


As A Light in the Window grows, so will its ability to put money to work for the greater good. The amount of its giving will grow incrementally, exceeding its current commitment of 10%. The BIGGEST vision is the banking of enough funds to launch a foundation that will provide coaching for persons living at or near the edge financially. The objective of the foundation will be to guide and assist said persons toward discovering and implementing their One Thing. By using the services of A Light in the Window, you become a part of this mission.