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How The Process Works



Sign up for my services when you know you’re likely to move, or whenever you start asking yourself questions, I'm happy to help! All potential destinations, and any information about you and your search is kept completely confidential.

Or, just skip to #3 if you are further along in the process.



Timing can get complicated. I'm happy to talk you through the intricacies of all that, and explain some of the basic processes, especially if you're a first time buyer. I have contacts in the mortgage industry who keep me up on new products being offered.



When your plans are firmed up regarding your destination, I will find out a little more about you, so as to make a great match with a REALTOR. If that person doesn't feel like a good match to you, I find you another. Oh, and  once we're connected, you get a free book, any one you want! 



You then work with the REALTOR who works in your destination area. I am available to both of you, as needed.



After you close on a sale I receive a referral fee, from the agent. Not from you!



I then donate 10% of my fee (after deducting the hefty portion my firm takes out :) to the organization of your choice.



In case you’re wondering: Agents LOVE getting referrals. Sure they’d like to keep 100% of the commission, but successful agents spend a good proportion of their income trying to get, and build up, their business, i.e. marketing, and other forms of “lead generation.” So to have a client just drop into their lap, and not into someone else’s? An item for the gratitude list!

What if I want to rent?

Can you help me?


I am happy to (try) to find you a REALTOR who will help you locate a rental. It's not always possible. In some states they will charge you for their services, often up to a month’s rent or more. In other states, the home owner pays their fee. In some states the agent will earn next to nothing, or nothing at all. They will be working for you in hopes of building a relationship and earning your trust, so that you will turn to them for help when it comes time to buy. I am referring you to them in hopes that they will earn your trust and you will return to them when it is time to buy, at which time they will pay me my referral fee :)

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