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Stepping into the family “business” a decade after graduating from Warren Wilson College, with a B.A. in Cross Cultural Studies, Maj-Britt went to Divinity School at Harvard, where she received her M.Div in 1992. She then went on to serve congregations in Norfolk VA., Ridgewood N.J. (interim), Englewood N.J., and Chapel Hill NC, none of which provided parsonages. She learned about buying and selling houses the hard way, but eventually, after joining up with her realtor spouse Michael, became quite adept at it. Their plan for (eventual) retirement has involved purchasing investment properties. She is happy to discuss how that route has worked with anyone exploring the same.

    In 2016 Maj-Britt obtained her N.C. Real Estate license, and went to work as a real estate broker. But it took moving to the Southern Outer Banks of NC in 2018, and joining up with the firm of Keller Williams Crystal Coast, for her to discover a way to yoke her identity as a minister with her skills as a home-finding guide. Her personal/ spiritual practices include: sunrise walks on the ocean, photography, kayaking, hiking, writing, yoga, and reading.

(Maj-Britt's name is pronounced My-Britt)



A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it is built for.”

- Albert Einstein

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