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Honor the space between no longer and not yet.” - Nancy Levin

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    A Light in the Window is a referral and advisory service that provides guidance, information, and targeted real estate agent referrals to individuals and families in the process of re-locating and buying and/or selling a home. Your home is your harbor. We find you an agent who understands that and wants to help you find one that will hold you, and your family, as you weather the storms of life.


    This service is provided at no cost to our clients. While A Light in the Window began as a resource for clergy in transition, it serves all who are on the move, anywhere in the world.

    As you journey through that liminal space between "no longer", and "not yet" we are here to guide, reassure, and make a one-to one,  highly skilled referral.


    Maj-Britt (pronounced My-Britt) Johnson

    Transition Specialist, Minister, & realtor®

    Founder of A Light in the Window, Maj-Britt is a veteran of moving. As a PK (preacher’s kid) she lived in eleven homes in seven states, and Japan while (sort of) growing up. She estimates she unpacked over 2000 boxes in her family’s several fabulously historic (read: shabby-"chic"), parsonages in the Midwest and New England, as well as their three Bronx apartments, and their ranch-style house in El Paso.

    A Light in the Window gifts each new client with a book of their choice.

    We love being directed to new and impactful titles!


    Recent selections include:

    *Spilling the Light, by Terasa Soto

    *Completing the Circle: Reviewing Ministries in the Congregation, by David R. McMahill

    *Poilane, the Secrets of the World Famous Bread Bakery, by Apollonia Poilane

    *Silent Patient, by Alex Michaelides

    *Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good, by Adrienne Maree Brown

    *Building the Bonds of Attachment: Awakening Love in Deeply Traumatized Children, 3rd Ed. by

    Daniel A. Hughes

    *Mistakes and Miracles: Congregations on the road to multiculturalism,

    by Nancy Palmer Jones and Karen Lin

    *North Carolina Waterfalls, by Kevin Adams

    We also donate a percentage of our profits to non-profits,

    chosen by our clients.

    For a sampling go to the "services" page

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    I am grateful for the service Rev. Maj-Britt Johnson can provide for ministers who are moving to new locations. Finding a good place to live is so important to ministerial satisfaction.

    Keith Kron, Director, Transitions Office, UUA

    Engaging the support of Maj-Britt made our whole big transition a thousand times easier. We felt more confident in the realtor who drove us around (who Maj-Britt had "screened") and we found our next home so much more smoothly than we could have expected. We feel so lucky, blessed, and truly grateful to have had Maj-Britt's support in this process--buying a house ended up being one of the less stressful tasks of this transition, and that's saying a lot in this wild Pandemic period! Knowing Maj-Britt had found us a realtor with whom we could be frank about what we--specifically--wanted & needed made a world of difference for us

    The Revs. Heather and Cathy Rion-Starr

    Christy and I are so relieved to have found Maj-Britt’s referral services and have been telling our friends how wonderful it was to go into the home-buying process with her assistance!  Maj-Britt interviewed us, then searched for a Realtor who knew the area and worked well with our family.  Our Realtor was great, he went the extra mile, and helped a great deal when we could not be there in person to follow up with some inspections.  I trusted Maj-Britt’s recommendation, and I am so glad for the smooth and stress-free result.  Maj-Britt also referred us to a mortgage broker who is very easy to work with, and we’re pleased with the low loan costs and excellent interest rate, and how quickly everything went into place.  We highly recommend “A Light in the Window.”

    - Rev. Bob & Christy  Renjilian, North Carolina


    When I moved across the country to begin my retirement Maj-Britt was a trusted and reliable resource to help me get settled.  She helped me find a house to purchase two months before my actual move. As a colleague I always knew she held my interests as priority while understanding my values. I highly recommend Maj-Britt as your referral guide while you are in transition.

    Rev. Nan White

    retired minister

    I'm very happy that I used A Light in the Window. Maj-Britt was so easy to work with and understood my concerns and needs quickly. She was able to quickly find me an excellent realtor who really listened to me and was a pleasure to work with. This was no small feat in the midst of the pandemic when I couldn't travel across the country to see houses. Maj-Britt was also able to find a great mortgage company that was able to work with me on a complicated move and closing on my mortgage remotely. Now I'm happily settling into my new home in my new ministry setting. I can't believe how well and easily everything worked out, particularly when I really needed ease in something in the midst of pandemic ministry. I'm so delighted and relieved that the process of getting here was smoothed with Maj-Britt's help!

    - Rev. Diana Smith, Iowa

    I must confess that when I first heard that my colleague Maj-Britt Johnson was launching a realtor-referral program, geared toward ministers in transition, my initial thought was, “How is that a thing?!”  And then after living in one place for 33 years, I found myself in need of a realtor who would help me buy a home sight unseen on the other side of the country in time to start a new job in August.  I reached out to Maj-Britt, and in the first few minutes on the phone with her, I felt my anxiety decrease.  She knew the market I was moving to and had a realtor in mind that she would contact and interview on my behalf.  The person she found for us has been perfect and we found a place and will be moving there in a few weeks.  I can’t imagine how I would have navigated this on my own.  Truly, this is a needed ministry, and Maj-Britt is a wonderful practitioner of that ministry.  Call her.  You will be glad.


    -Rev. Justine Sullivan

    Sally Daniel head shot.jpg

    Maj-Britt (pronounced My Britt) Johnson was my minister for seven years. For part of that time, she was also my boss--since I was the Director of Religious Education. In both those roles, I found Maj-Britt to be an exceptionally intelligent woman who knew how to accomplish any task put before her. She is someone you can count on--if she says she'll do it, it will be done! Furthermore, she understands that a new minister has to get established quickly---and without blurring the boundaries between minister and congregant(s). I think that having other resources available to help locate housing would be an invaluable help to those who are moving. I would recommend that you give her services a try.

    Sally Daniel, Coastal Virginia Unitarian Universalists

    During this time of Covid-19, I found myself having to relocate and buy a home remotely.  Maj-Britt found the perfect agent for me!  We clicked immediately and she understood exactly what I was looking for in a home.  Maj-Britt listened to me and understood my needs.  I would highly recommend her services and that of A Light in the Window!  She truly was a lifesaver for me during a very stressful time.

    - Rev. Jo Green, California


    I had the pleasure of working with Maj-Britt for eight years when she served on the Fund for Unitarian Universalism. In that work we evaluated and made grants to innovative projects to grow Unitarian Universalism. Maj-Britt's ability to speak with applicants, understand their needs and dreams, and then translate that to the rest of the group was fantastic. She was able to combine a deep appreciation of what it takes to bring a vision to reality in terms of nuts and bolts as well as the emotional and spiritual components of the projects. She is open, trustworthy, intuitive and committed. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

    Hillary Goodridge, Program Director, Unitarian Universalist Funding Program

    Maj-Britt referred two clients of hers who needed representation in the purchase of a new home in Missoula, MT. Maj-Britt clearly had their best interests in mind. She called me, a realtor in Missoula who specializes in relocation, with detailed information already gathered about their home search. She was caring in her interview questions she asked me and passionately sought a great fit for her referral. Maj-Britt was involved as needed along the transaction and has become an excellent referral partner for me. I look forward to working with Maj-Britt again and would encourage any realtor to do the same!" 


    -Gina McDonald, Realtor

    Maj Blog

    Into the Limens: Making Limen-Aid from Limens

    Limens- a threshold point. Liminal space - the time between "no longer" and "not yet", between the "what was', and the "next," a place of transition, of waiting and not knowing, of occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold. 


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